Two and Three Bedroom Cabins

18′ X 66′ = 1,188 Square Feet

Spacious is the word for this beautiful home.  The open feel of the main living area plus 3 bedrooms and 2 baths is truly comfort at its best.  Tons of kitchen cabinets, side by side washer and dryer, and a super large hall closet all make up this home’s inviting atmosphere.



18′ X 64′ = 1,152 Square Feet

The small windows placed just under the ceiling add a very interesting design element allowing sunlight to enter and highlighting the raised ceiling.  This beautiful family home features a large kitchen counter height island that seats six.

Cedar View III


18′ X 56′ = 1008  Square Feet

The newest cabin in our lineup, the Chaparral II is the smaller sibling to the Chaparral.  You get 2 bedrooms and still keep the side by side washer and dryer.  Chaparral II is the now the largest 2 bedroom 2 bath model.

Chaparral II


18′ X 48′ = 864 Square Feet

The perfect budget cabin.  This makes a great rental or camp.



18′ X 52′ = 936  Square Feet

This two bedroom version of the Cedar View has a wonderful cedar wall on the front standard and large space for entertaining with loads of natural light coming into the living room.

Cedar View


16′ X 48′ = 768  Square Feet


This two bedroom cabin has a U shaped kitchen with plenty of room for entertaining and holiday gatherings. 

Two Step